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Why hormonal skincare?

Natural, non-toxic skin care with a women’s cycle in mind. 

Clean beauty

The skin is our largest organ, absorbing a large sum of what we apply topically. Many conventional skin care products contain endocrine disrupting chemicals, interfering with our hormonal balance and causing imbalances, such as  oestrogen dominance. 

You won’t find any hidden nasties or ingredients that you can’t recognise in our skin loving products. Instead we opt for high quality, minimal ingredients that work to deeply nourish the skin - but won’t mess with your hormones!

Stages of hormonal skin


  1.   Menstruation

Beginning with puberty and for most of a women’s early- mid years the onset of menstruation can have a huge amount of hormonal fluctuations. This leads to increased sebum production, worsened by the higher levels of androgens floating around at this age. Skin at this time is largely impacted by hormones, so along with a gentle skin-care routine – it’s important to focus on nutrition and stress reduction to support hormonal balance.

  1.   Motherhood

-       As we age and move through our 30’s, our production of testosterone declines – improving acne and breakouts. But here we start to notice other changes in our skin such as less skin elasticity and hydration. With pregnancy, we reap the benefits of our pregnancy glow – but of course this flux of hormones causes a surge of androgens, which can lead to hormonal skin and breakouts. It’s not all bad though - because we know how to nourish our body with the right nutrients and find our way back to hormonal balance. 


  1.   Menopause

-       The decline in hormones as we reach menopause changes our skin once again. This stage of our life sees our skin cell turnover being slowed down, and the decline of estrogen means our skin is a lot more dry and can appear dull. The way we nurture our skin and hormones in the earlier years will impact the health of our skin as we age.